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Village Adoptions

A majority of the villages in the country still face constraints such as access to education, healthcare facilities, drinking water, power, roads, credit, information and market. Against this background, adoption of villages in backward regions through preparation of village development plans would go a long way in ensuring holistic and integrated development of the villages concerned.

Narmetta Village

In 2019, Narmetta village in the Siddipet district of Telangana underwent a remarkable transformation, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Suchirindia Foundation under the visionary leadership of Dr. Y. Kiron. The village, once a quiet hamlet, is now a shining example of progress and innovation, a brainchild of Dr. Y Kiron himself. The journey to elevate Narmetta village into a model smart village is a testament to the power of visionary leadership, collective effort, and a commitment to creating a sustainable and thriving community. The dream of presenting this transformed village to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi showcases not only the dedication of the Suchirindia Foundation but also the potential for positive change when innovative ideas are turned into impactful actions. 

"Narmetta Blossoms: From Dreams to Reality with Suchirindia's Touch"
  • Digital Interventions in Gram Panchayat office functionality.
  • Digitized land registration model.
  • Exclusive web portal for the village.
  • Online linking of the village web portal to other relevant sites.
  • Regular updating and maintenance of the village portal.
  • Revamped school, library, Primary Healthcare Center and Gram Panchayat buildings.
  • CC roads in all the lanes and by-lanes of the village.
  • Roads, drains and street lights in all the lanes and by-lanes.
  • Reimagination of the whole village’s look and feel.
  • Theme paintings depicting Telangana culture on all walls.
  • Fully equipped business center.
  • Women, children, youth and farmer empowerment programs.


Suraram, a previously underserved village nestled in Mahbubnagar district, Telangana State, has found an unwavering ally in the form of Suchirindia Foundation. Remarkable strides have been taken to ensure the holistic advancement of this village, resulting in the transformation of 80% of its 3000 strong population. Suchirindia’s tireless efforts did not go unnoticed, as the village earned the distinction of being recommended for the prestigious Best Village Award by a Parliamentary committee in 2006.

"Suraram Village Flourishes Under Suchirindia's Guiding Touch."