National Olympiad Date: 09 - 12 - 2023 ( Saturday ) Last date for registration 30-09-2023 Suchirindia Sir CV Raman Olympiad Notification 2023 - 24

Why Our Olympiad?

Our Olympiad Exams are an excellent platform to hone the learning process of Young Children and boost up their knowledge, skill and ability. Our Olympiads improve the skills of problem-solving and logical reasoning and helps students analyze their strengths and weaknesses based on their performance in the nationwide or international level exams. These exams provide an absolute assessment of students’ knowledge and motivate them towards academic improvement.

The main objective of our Olympiad is to motivate the students to understand the in-depth knowledge of the subject as well as to enhance their factual, conceptual, reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills. This helps the students to realize their true intellectual potential. Also, Students gain additional knowledge and get an early exposure to competition and learning.