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About Us

Empowering Dreams, Bridging Horizons

SUCHIRINDIA FOUNDATION (SIF)started in 1993 is a service oriented wing flared out by SuchirIndia Infratech (p) Limited, an eminent infrastructure organization to foresee the developed society and thus making it flutter in the glory of success. The essence of Suchirindia Foundation goes beyond the ordinary, aiming to be a catalyst of transformation that connects beneficiaries, NGOs, corporates, CSR entities, government bodies, social advocates, media, and all stakeholders.

Our vision is to usher in a new era of measurable change, marked by transparency, accountability, and impactful outcomes. With both short-term achievements and long-term aspirations in mind, we empower beneficiaries from diverse backgrounds to attain self-sufficiency, marking a step toward a brighter future.


Since its inception way back in 1993. Suchirindia Foundation has been rendering yeomen services to the needy. The organization has also been contributing actively in times of natural disasters and calamites. The founder of Suchirindia Foundation, Dr Y. Kiron is known as the connoisseur of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India. With progressive thoughts and actions, he has been showcasing the humane side of the corporate world.

Lion Dr. Y. Kiron

The essence of modern philanthropy has radically transformed in the recent years: the chief factors being changes in the economic landscape, technological advances and generational shifts. No longer are we comfortable simply contributing to philanthropic causes guided by an annual calendar or the big names that we see via advertisements and social media every day. There is a need to do something more, a mass movement for transformation and inclusivity. And that is what defines Suchirindia Foundation, my dream project to herald long term transformational benefits for an inclusive society and equal opportunities to all.

About Us

5E Model of Transformation

Suchirindia Foundation espouses the adoption, welfare, empowerment, skilling and development of the disadvantaged communities in the society. We work with 5E Model of Transformation:

Encouraging the Talents

Encouragement indeed acts as a morale booster for children, youth and aged people among the neglected communities.Thus, Suchirindia Foundation creates various ways and means through which their talents are identified, appreciated and honored.

Enriching the Facilities

Providing adequate facilities to deprived communities would always results in amazing upliftment of their economical as well mental status. We offer need based interventions and support programs to benefit these underprivileged people with the required social infrastructure in rural villages and urban slums.

Enabling Opportunities

Due to various reasons, the disadvantaged communities are devoid of opportunities for psychological, educational, cultural, and economical growth. Surchirindia Foundation always works towards enabling equal opportunities for them.

Empowering the Communities

When disadvantaged communities are encouraged with developmental initiatives, they would accomplish amazing societal transformation that can result in growth in Nation as a whole. We provide various opportunities and empower these communities in continuous manner

Exploring the Neglected

Due to disparity among different economic classes, many of the people belonging to poor communities deprive of basic necessities  and amenities in life. Suchirinda Foundation always identities such communities and creates customized initiatives for the welfare of such vulnerable groups.