National Olympiad Date: 09 - 12 - 2023 ( Saturday ) Last date for registration 30-09-2023 Suchirindia Sir CV Raman Olympiad Notification 2023 - 24


Honoring our Sportsmen and their spirits that give more power and strength to the nation! In the world of sport, representing a nation is paramount to an athlete. The motivation to excel stems from the fact that a sports person is being backed by a nation and its people. Motivation is the mental process that initiates, sustains or guides an athlete’s behavior (training, approach to competition, managing adversity performance).

Sports Under Suchirindia

Understanding the power of sports in shaping holistic development, Suchirindia passionately promotes sports in rural India. Recognising sports as a unifying force, the organisation organises events, tournaments, and coaching camps that allow the youth to harness their talents and channel their energy positively. Suchirindia Foundation has been fostering sportsman spirit by honoring the achieving teams across different sports. We have sponsored the National Hockey Team and National Cricket Team and T20 Cricket Team for various competitions.