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Suchirindia Foundation

Social Impact Programs

Currently more and more Indian and International business organizations are embracing the tag “Social Impact Company” as a core value. Today many consumers take the notice of companies that are socially making impact through their philanthropic works. According to a study report in USA, 78% of Americans expect companies to go beyond making profits; they must also positively impact society.

While already many Indian MNCs and large companies, have adopted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), while other companies are also showing interest in doing social service. Now the paradigm shift is happening from for-profit-businesses to socially-impact-businesses.

When it comes to the term “Social Impact Company” or “Social Impact Organizations”, it is difficult to find an official definition. Broadly speaking, social impact companies are organizations that prioritize doing work that consciously, systemically and sustainably serves or attempts to solve a local or global community need.

The goal of social impact companies differs from the typical corporate social responsibility approach in that making or supporting positive social change is prioritized in all of a social impact company’s work. While CSR tends to be one of the important organizational values, we carefully select programs, and projects to make positive impact.

Suchirindia Group through its CSR Wing Suchirindia Foundation is doing lot of social impact programs across India:

Donation Camps

Suchirindia Foundation has organized many blood donation, eye donation, and organ donation camps across India.

Service During Calamities

We have provided a lot of disaster relief services in times of natural calamities and associated with a host of environment protection programs.


The foundation has adopted 50 student artists from Surabhi theatre group.

Medicines Distribution

Distributing fruits and medicine to needy patients across various government hospitals.

Health Camps

We have supported many NGOs, and rural communities to organize multi-specialty health check-up camps.


Distributing self-employment kits like sewing machines, barber kits, phone booths, etc. to the weaker sections.

Employment to Local Persons

Offering ongoing benefits to government and regional economes during long-term projects employing large number of local personnel.

Support to Talents

Encouraging talent in students by distributing scholarship rewards to deserving candidates.

Financial Assistance

Providing financial assistance to deserving youth for pursuing professional opportunities.

Support to NGOs

Supporting NGOs like Child Guidance Centre, a NGO working among street children with AP State Home.

International Friendship Initiative

Suchirindia Foundation is spearheading the Indian Association of Friendship with Foreign Countries (IAFFC) initiative.

Welfare Activities

The Foundation has undertaken welfare activities on a sustained format across Warangal district.

Covid Care

During the peak of the recent COVID19 pandemic, Suchirindia Foundation acted as a robust bridge between the afflicted and healthcare providers. That apart, the foundation also gave away sanitization kits, PPE kits, immunity booster kits and food packets to the needy in huge numbers. We have provided substantial financial contribution to State and Union Governments during COVID-19.

Awareness Rallies

Suchirindia Foundation has conceptualized and organized many awareness rallies and mass movements regularly on different social issues and sensitized the general public.